Air Cooled Unit

Capacity Range

1000 CFM to 2,50,000 CFM


Air-cooled units used in poy, textile, fume exhaust systems, control room ventilation and pressurization systems


  • The unit is manufactured in heavy duty extruded aluminium profile. It is also available in MS fabricated section in HDG or power coated finish
  • The unit panels are filled with 25 or 50 mm thick pressure injected polyurethane foam, having 38/40 kg/m3 density. Various options such as pre-coated galvanized sheets, plain galvanized sheets, aluminium & SS 304 & SS 316 sheets in various thicknesses available for inner & outer skin of double skin panels
  • High efficiency, AMCA certified, imported DWDI type blowers are used
  • Forward curved bowers for normal applications and backward curved for high resistance application
  • Air-cooled unit sump mode of SS 304 or MS FRP lining with connection
  • Base frame is made of MS heavy gauge channel
  • Access doors are provided with hinges and locks made of die casting for perfect air tightness

Options Available

Spray type
This type houses a set of spray nozzles which inject the water into the air stream in the form of a fine atomized mist (by breaking the water into the fine particles we increase the surface area by multiple folds for the same volume of water). In this system, the water is in direct contact with the airflow unlike the cellulose type system. When a single bank is provided (depending upon the efficiency required) the spray is injected in the opposite direction of the airflow. In a double bank system, the banks are kept opposite to each other. The entire plumbing is done with the help of galvanized pipe. The pump can be located inside or outside the unit.


The unit is manufactured as per customer requirements