Floor Mounted Air Handling Unit Plug Type and Belt Driven

Capacity Range

1000 CFM to 40,000 CFM


Comfort air-conditioning for schools, studio, airports, laboratories, multiplexes, offices, institutional, buildings and hotels

Options Available

  • Single/double tier construction
  • Filter sections for EU-5, EU-7 in rigid/bag construction
  • Humidification, pre/re heat package
  • Heat recovery wheel/heat pipe
  • Mixing box with fresh/return air dampers
  • Weather-proof light, limit switch, view glass


  • Unit is manufactured in heavy duty extruded aluminium profile with and without thermal break and internal coving section
  • Unit panels are filled with 25 or 50 mm thick pressure injected polyurethane foam, having 38/40 kg/m3 density
  • Various options such as pre-coated galvanized sheets, plain galvanized sheets, aluminium & SS 304 & SS 316 sheets in various thicknesses are available for inner and outer skin of double skin panels
  • High efficiency, AMCA certified, imported DWDI & plug type blowers are used
  • Forward curved blowers for normal applications and backward curved for high resistance applications
  • Drain pan mode of SS 304 with dual slope to facilitate immediate discharge of condensate
  • Base frame is a mode of galvanized steel with die cost aluminium joints having lifting holes
  • Access doors are provided with hinges and locks made of die casting or self-extinguishing nylon for perfect air lightness


The unit is manufactured in accordance with client requirements